How to patch an Oracle GI Home 19c before install

  • Download the GI installer Oracle GI 19c
  • Download the RU
  • Download the OPatch

Replace the OPatch from the GI home with the latest version

unzip -q ~/ -d $GI_HOME

Apply RU

unzip -q ~/
./ -silent -applyRU /home/oracle/31305339
[oracle@node1 grid]$ ./ -silent -applyRU /home/oracle/31305339
Preparing the home to patch...
Applying the patch /home/oracle/31305339...
Successfully applied the patch.
The log can be found at: /oraInventory/logs/GridSetupActions2021-03-09_02-05-13PM/installerPatchActions_2021-03-09_02-05-13PM.log
Launching Oracle Grid Infrastructure Setup Wizard...
[FATAL] [INS-40426] Grid installation option has not been specified.
   ACTION: Specify the valid installation option.
#Expected, you can ignore it

Then you can proceed to the installation.